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774 - DDAL-EP-01 The Iron Titan (Slot 7)


The Oracle of War campaign begins with the characters as scavengers, adventurers who head into the highly dangerous Mournland to locate and extract artifacts from the remains of the ruined nation of Cyre. Based on those initial scavenging missions, the characters soon find themselves embroiled in a world-spanning adventure that will take them from levels 1 to 20.

Your first step in taking part in the Oracle of War campaign is to grab the Oracle of War Player’s Guide and prepare to create your character. If you are interested in being a DM for the campaign, also read the DM’s Guide for information on running your own Oracle of War campaign.

DDAL-EP-01 The Iron Titan: A 4 Hour EPIC Adventure for Tier 1 Characters (APL 3), BY WILL DOYLE, JAMES INTROCASO, AND SHAWN MERWIN. In this epic event, Cultists of the Emerald Claw reanimate a gargantuan warforged titan from the battlefields outside Salvation and turn it against the outpost. The scavengers in town must work together to disable the titan limb-by-limb and save the outpost from annihilation. They are aided throughout by the Oracle of War, which provides vital tactical advice alongside cryptic verses from the Draconic Prophecy. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 3, and is the Epic adventure playable as part of the Spoils of War storyline. What is an Epic event? Adventurers League Epic events are played across multiple tables with interactive elements between tables that allow you to enhance the play of all players involved. Your party will be joining all the other parties through the same adventure! Epic events typically contain special story rewards and unlocks for your Adventurers League characters and offer multiple tiers for more advanced player characters.
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